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Arabic Level 1,2,3

Arabic Level 1,2,3

Arabic Level 1,2,3


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Arabic Level 1,2,3


Arabic is actually the most spoken language in the world! Not to mention, it is one of the most important, especially when it comes to business. There are dozens and dozens of countries that use Arabic as their primary form of communication and even more people around the world that speak it. Learning Arabic is certainly an amazing opportunity, leading to hundreds of chances to connect with new people and learn about new cultures. The task may seem daunting, since Arabic has its own alphabet, writing system, and a unique way of being spoken. That's why this course is broken down into easy levels and small, appropriately paced modules. Level 1 focuses on giving you a wide understanding of the Arabic language and a solid foundation to build your knowledge on. You will start off by learning some important and useful phrases so you can begin to converse in Arabic right away. Level 1 continues by taking an in-depth look at the history and details of the Arabic language and slowly introducing you to important vocabulary, sentence structure, and how to speak properly.


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