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Korean Level 1,2,3

Korean Level 1,2,3

Korean Level 1,2,3


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Korean Level 1,2,3


Korean is one of the most spoken Asian languages with over 77 million speakers worldwide, mostly concentrated in North and South Korea. Korean is the official language of both countries and also has small concentrations of speakers in China, Ukraine, and other Asian countries. Korean is considered a Koreanic language and has its own alphabet, completely unique and different from other Asian writing systems. This language is considered to be one of the most unique in the world, standing alone in terms of writing system and language rules. However, learning Korean is an interesting challenge that will open you up to new opportunities all around the world. The goal of Level 1 is to leave you with a wide basis of vocabulary, an ability to converse freely in Korean, and a beginner's knowledge of Korean grammar, sentence structure, and syntax. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to have conversations in Korean and will have a strong foundation to continue learning the language and new vocabulary.


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