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Boosting your employability with ease

Boosting your employability with ease

Article update with video of the event

Provided in partnership with Sage Publishing and Felicity Becker

Easy tips to follow to stand out from the crowd

This talk covers the whole career journey from examining what career would suit you, identifying how to find and apply for it, and, very importantly, how to make the most of the first year in the job.

Boosting your employability with ease is aimed at students entering the career market at any point in their journey, whether that be as an undergraduate, post-graduate or long-ago graduate making a career change.

Boosting your employability with ease

By Felicity Becker - Lecturer at the University of Reading
Felicity Becker also runs a private training company with Anastasia Becker. She is currently working on her PhD. Within her teaching she is passionate about students recognising and applying their transferable skills in and beyond their university experience. She is the author of Boost Your Employability (SAGE, 2020) and co-author with Lucinda Becker of Seven Steps to a Successful Career (SAGE, 2016).

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