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5 Things Nobody Told Me About Starting University

5 Things Nobody Told Me About Starting University

Try not to put pressure on freshers

I actually got a bit homesick and went back home for a couple of weeks during freshers, but I can't imagine any night out I would have had in that first week being better than the time I'm having now after having found my tribe. Hopefully you have a cracking freshers and you find them straight away but if not you will find them eventually.

It's normal to doubt your course

In my case these doubts lead to a course change ..and then another course change. It's okay to change your mind, but equally, it's okay to ride out the doubt and have a little moan to your friends about your assignments.

You have to motivate yourself

It's quite a big step up from college/sixth form and your teachers won't chase you. You've got to want to be at university and put the work in for your future self. Finding routine can be hard in a student environment but routine can significantly help with this.

Societies are so important

They are more than just a sport or an activity, this is your chance to make some friends, have a break from you lectures and feel apart of the university. Most societies will have some free taster sessions so go to as many as you can!

You're stronger than you know

I never thought I'd actually make it to university, moving away from my parents seemed an impossible task never mind the assignments, navigating a new city, making friends and looking after myself. But one little victory leads to another and then another and before you know it your mum wants you home for the weekend because she hasn't seen you in months.

By Libby Scott - University of Salford
Film Production

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