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Getting The Most Out of Your University Journey

Getting The Most Out of Your University Journey

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Provided in partnership with Sage, Kaye Rabel and Helen Coleman

Tips for great health, wellbeing & academic success

Many students are now looking to the future and wondering what will happen during the upcoming academic year. Although this is usually a time of excitement, it is possibly now also a time of apprehension. That's why we're here to help.

Kaye Rabel and Helen Coleman have identified several ways to help you plan and manage your time, money, studies, and personal life, effectively while keeping a focus on your health and wellbeing. Which means they can help you to study smarter, stay healthy and enjoy your university experience to the full.

Professional Authors and Educators, Kaye and Helen both have a vast amount of experience in helping students make their transition into Higher Education, and beyond, and want to support you to get the most from your university experience while staying cool, calm and in control.

Getting The Most Out of Your University Journey

By Kaye Rabel and Helen Coleman
Kaye Rabel, PhD is an Instructional Design Practitioner who designs and develops human performance improvement solutions at Ernst & Young. She is experienced in taking tools from the business world and applying them to academia, and is also certified personal training and fitness coach. Helen Coleman is an award winning, UK based, University Senior Lecturer in Education, and Research Design, Methods and Statistics, Safeguarding, Health and Safety and Childhood Law, Policy, and Practice. Additionally, Helen is an Editor-in-Chief, Editor and Author, with SAGE Publications Ltd., Reviewer for the Journal of Experiential Education, External Examiner and Academic Advisor to Cornwall College, and Assessment Specialist with Cambridge University Press and Assessment.

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