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Fitness Health

Fitness Health

Good day everyone!

Elliott is back with another blog post and this week I'm going to go over a few tips to look after yourself for when you finish this last push of work you will all have.

It is very important to take care of that old body of yours, your body is a temple and all that :) late nights working, a few to many beers and watching too many TikTok's may sound appetising, however you should counteract it now that you have a bit spare time; so here are some tips!

Drink your water, staying hydrated throughout the day will make your brain perform better, this may be for study, exercise or even those games you'll be playing. It also makes your skin a lot healthier making you glow a little more, have a look at this study.

The next tip I have for you comes down to the sleep you're having, I know we all like a lie in, and to lie in bed for that extra 10 mins when we're awake, but this isn't always the best as your body works on a schedule, if you get up when your alarm does then you'll build this pattern and your body will adjust. You will have a greater attention span, and more importantly make yourself less stressed; just look at this study by Bupa.

Here are a few little ones that are included on our fitness story highlights over on the Instagram:

  • Put some lemon in your water bottle (lemon increases your immune system and helps promote focus)
  • Drink tea! Any type has different benefits so I would suggest that you look up what benefits you're after, for example I love peppermint tea as it helps improve my immune system!
  • Keep an eye on how you are doing mentally, we all think that the two are completely separate, this is not the case; so remember to take self-care breaks, go on walks and try to improve that mental state.

There are also some little things you can do, like getting some form of vitamin supplement, this could be something you search up to find out what vitamin you may like, here is a small example

I hope this little blog helps you on the way to improved health and fitness, if you want to hear any more let us know over on the Instagram, we could even do more tips over there!

Have a good one folks, stay safe.

Fitness  Health

By Elliott Halford
I am a 3rd year student here at the university of Chester studying physics

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